Ice-Crust – the safe new product for treacherous ice and hard packed snow

• Easy and clean to use – exceptionally economical

• No melting chemicals – will not corrode stairs and entrances

• Washes away with the first spring rain. All-natural and organic, totally friendly to the environment

• Clean and easy to apply – the perfect solution to dangerous icy walkways

• Environmentally friendly and ecologically beneficial

• Perfect in the car for wheels spinning on ice

• Exceptionally economical

• No messy chemicals – will not corrode concrete or metal surfaces like steps and sidewalks

Ice-Crust – the safe new traction product for ice and hard packed snow
Ice-Crust can be used on all icy surfaces where you walk, bicycle, or drive – like entrances, staircases, walkways, yards, parking lots, verandas etc. It is also convenient to keep in your car.