Ice-Crust – the safe new traction product for ice and hard packed snow

Ice-Crust can be used on all icy surfaces where you walk, bicycle, or drive – like entrances, staircases, walkways, yards, parking lots, verandas etc. It is also convenient to keep in your car.

• Clean and easy to apply – the perfect solution to dangerous icy walkways
• Environmentally friendly and ecologically beneficial
• Perfect in the car for wheels spinning on ice
• Exceptionally economical
• No messy chemicals – will not corrode concrete or metal surfaces like steps and sidewalks

It’s all about friction Scientists will tell you that, even at low temperatures, ice has a micro-thin film that acts as liquid water, and this is what makes the ice slippery. Ice-Crust interacts with this surface, providing a grip on ice and hard packed snow. In contrast to coarse salt and sand, Ice-Crust absorbs moisture and liquid. Tests have shown that absorbent granulates provide better friction than non-absorbing ones. Because of its low weight, Ice-Crust will not sink through the surface like sand tends to do.
Extremely economical,
easy to apply
Ice-Crust is to be applied very sparingly. One litre will usually be enough to cover 40 m2, or 450 ft2. As the Ice-Crust grains are smaller than sand, a small volume will cover a much larger area than sand or salt will. Homeowners will be able to sprinkle a safe path to the mailbox with the handy, recyclable plastic container, instead of using a wheel barrel and shovel. Think about it: If each grain of sand (average of 1 mm) is replaced by 1 grain of Ice-Crust, 1 litre of Ice-Crust weighing just over half a kilo (1.3 lb), will do the work of 40 kg (88 lb) of unwieldy sand.
Because Ice-Crust will go such a long way, it is misleading to compare price per weight or volume against other solutions. It is the price per square metre of coverage that counts. And don’t forget the ease of handling.
Ice-Crust disappears when spring comes No more work removing sand when spring comes. Usually the first rain will wash away any remaining residue of Ice-Crust. Or it can be easily swept or hosed onto the lawn, where it will act as a soil conditioner.
Easy on the environment Ice-Crust is totally friendly to the environment. Ice-Crust is an organic product made from minerals deposited on former sea beds millions of years ago by one-celled plants. The raw material is burnt and granulated, with no harmful chemicals added. It has no damaging effects on sidewalks, ground cover, or sewer systems. It is harmless to people, plants and pets.
The sandpaper effect

In special places, like that icy bump outside your front door, you can walk safely by spraying on Ice-Crust with lukewarm water from a plant-spray bottle. When the Ice-Crust is dark brown, give it a few seconds, and the cold will freeze it to the surface, giving it a sandpaper effect. You will find this a much better solution than the harmful mess made with melting agents.

You can also get the same effect when you spread Ice-Crust in the afternoon, after the sun has softened the ice surface. The night frost will then provide the sandpaper effect.

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Ice-Crust® is developed and patented by Sorber & Cleaning Company SCC Norway AS.