The Ice-Crust family of products:
(Not yet sold in England, USA or Canada, agents may apply)

Sprinkler bottle with 1 litre of Ice-Crust

Convenient and handy recyclable plastic bottle with a perforated top for sprinkling of Ice-Crust.

Will cover approx. 40 m2/250 ft2.

4-pack: Sprinkler bottle plus 3 x 1 litres refill

Cardboard box containing 1 sprinkler bottle as above, plus 3 x 1 litre plastic bags.

Will cover approx. 160m2/1,800 ft2.

10 litre plastic bucket

10-litre Ice-Crust in plastic bucket with carrying handle and sealed cover.

Will cover approx. 400m2/4,300 ft2. Weighs 7.5 kg.

40 litre plastic bag

For use with broadcast trolleys or refill.

40 litres covers approx. 1,600 m2/17,000 ft2. Weighs approx. 23 kg.

Broadcast spreaders

Medium sized spreader suitable for e.g. homeowners, storeowners, or hotels. The spreader comes with regulator on the handlebar. The green plastic container will take approx. 40 litres and has a clear plastic cover for protection from rain and snow. Robust quality with rotating spreader and rubber tires. Comes in cardboard box, and is easy to assemble. (Not available at all retailers).

Broadcast trolley for use with small tractor etc., suitable e.g. for a municipality and industrial plants responsible for sidewalks and yards. The grey plastic container will take 50—80 litres. Robust quality with rotating spreader and inflatable rubber tires. Clear plastic cover protects against rain and snow. Comes in sturdy cardboard box and is easy to assemble. (Not available at all retailers).

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Ice-Crust® is developed and patented by Sorber & Cleaning Company SCC Norway AS.